Spill The Honey honors Jewish survival of the Holocaust and the African American's suffering of slavery as it seeks to bring awareness of the historic connections between these two communities.




  • Creation of a moving record of the African American Jewish Alliance 2016


  • A Mission of African American-Jewish Unity - May 2016 - The journey   continues to  sites of significance in  Poland,  Senegal, and  Israel. Remembering and rebuilding.


  • "The African American Jewish Alliance"  Spill the Honey will facilitate the development of a web-based curriculum moderated  by Dr. Clarence B. Jones. The curriculum, inspired by  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.


  • Content is being prepared for schools and community organizations.


  • Business Incubator – Spill the Honey will create a business incubator  with a network of Jewish-American and African-American business leaders, providing mentorship's to recent college and post-graduate alumni.